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Prepare for the Market

Information on Your Home

Information on Your Home

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First impressions are very important. It is good to keep your property neat and tidy inside and out when it becomes ready to put on the market. 

Information on Your Home

Information on Your Home

Information on Your Home

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Having informative information about your property available to potential buyers helps buyers make decisions and also can save you time later on. 

Why Us A Realtor?

Information on Your Home

Selecting An Agent

Using a Realtor, Why a Realtor, Agents

Anyone can sell their home but using a Realtor can help save you time and money. After all selling homes is what they do. 

Selecting An Agent

Pricing Your Property

Selecting An Agent

How to chose an agent, broker, real estate, deal, investor, business

Find an agent that you can work with and feel comfortable with. It is important to have someone you can trust to list your property.

Pricing Your Property

Pricing Your Property

Pricing Your Property

price, cost, repairs, return, investment, profit

Pricing your property to get as much as possible but to sell as quickly as possible can be difficult. 

Closing Day

Pricing Your Property

Pricing Your Property

closing day, final details, for sale, purchase, sold, sell

Make sure all items are addressed before closing day to ensure a smooth transfer of title. 

Getting your property ready to sell

Preparing For the Market

What should I do to prepare to sell?

  When preparing your home for the market keep in mind that a first impression is very important. It is good to keep things tidy and neat when your property is going to be available for show. Make sure things are put in the proper place and eliminate clutter. Below are some other things you may want to check off as you prepare for the market.


  • PAINTING - Inspect interior walls, trim, and exterior including gutters, trim, windows etc. Touch up or put a fresh coat on to ensure that your home creates a good impression.

  • CURB APPEAL - Check out your homes curb appeal. Make sure grass is cut and shrubs are trimmed. Pick up trash, and debris including limbs. Keep flower beds weeded. Store all lawn equipment and toys in garage or out of sight.
  • FENCE - Repair loose boards or replace sections if needed. Having a fenced yard is a nice feature if it’s in good shape but can be a turn off if it is more of an eyesore.

  • GARAGE - Make sure garage door is operating properly. Keep items in garage neat and organized. This will make the garage appear more spacious and show buyers that you take care of your things. 

  • DRIVEWAY, PORCHES, AND PATIOS - Clean grease spots, and check for cracked places. Patch or seal where needed. Park vehicles behind home when home is being shown to free up driveway. 

  • HVAC, APPLIANCES, FIREPLACE - Make sure all items are in working condition. Have items serviced and cleaned if needed. Appliances should be clean and refrigerator neat.

  •  ROOF AND GUTTERS - Check for loose shingles, leaks and repair where needed. Make sure gutters are cleaned and draining correctly.


  •  WALLS , WINDOWS AND DOORS - Inspect wallpapered walls to make sure it is not pealing. Make sure all doors are clean and hardware is clean. Also be sure to clean windows, drapes, blinds and screens. Check windows to be sure they open , shut and lock easily.

  • CARPETS AND FLOOR COVERINGS - Have carpets steam cleaned and repair any damaged tile.

  • ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING - Be sure switches and outlets are working. Label Fuse box or Breaker Box. Repair in leaks in plumbing and tighten toilets and faucets if needed. 

  • KITCHEN - Keep the kitchen as neat and clean as possible when showing. This is one of the most used rooms in the house. Check drawers and cabinets for loose knobs and sticky drawers. Organize cabinets and clean exhaust fan and hood. 

  • BATHROOMS - Bathrooms are the other most used rooms. They must be kept clean. Drains must be clear of clogs and stains removed. Keep laundry picked up and organize cabinets. Clean the mirrors, tile, curtains, etc. 

  • POOLS, SPAS, and SPRINKLER SYSTEMS - Pools and spas should be sparkling clean. Chemicals need to be stored. Sprinkles need to be checked for loose heads and make sure they have complete coverage of the lawn.


  • ENTRANCES - Check doorbells and make sure entrances are clear and clean.

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Having a list of information about your home on hand goes a long way with potential buyers. It shows you are motivated, prepared and have nothing to hide.

Information About Your Home

Information to have on hand.


When selling your property there are items of interest that a buyer may ask about the home. There is important information that you should make sure your agent is aware of to be able to pass this information along to the potential buyers. The more information that you can provide will make selling your home easier and more attractive to buyers. 

Items may include but are not limited to…….

  • How much are the property taxes?
  • What are the average utility bills?
  • What about water and sewer?
  • How old is the roof , HVAC, and water heater?
  • Has the electrical or plumbing been updated?
  • Do the appliances stay with the home?
  • How old are the appliances s
  • Are there any warranties on items in the home that will convey with the home?
  • Is the home in a flood zone? Will I need additional insurance for this?
  • Is there a Home Owners Association? If so are there fees and how much are they?
  • What about other services in the neighborhood such as garbage pickup?
  • Are there any problems with the house that you know of?
  • Do you have restrictions or covenants on the property?
  • Any easements or encroachments?

Most of these are items that your agent will ask when listing your property but it is good to know what items to look for when selling. 

Information about your home

Information about your home

Choosing an agent, Realtor, Buyers agent, Listing agent

Why Use A Realtor?

Here's a few reasons why.

Experience– A Realtor can offer you years of experience. This is what they do everyday is assist clients, family and friends in buying and selling real estate. After all it is the job of a Realtor. So why go at it alone and have to worry with trying to find qualified buyers, advertising and setting up appointments to have strangers come in your home. 

Let one of our agents do that for you. Not only can they offer you the truth about how your home may compete on the market but they can also work with buyers or their agents in making sure that only qualified and ready buyers view your home. So no more "lookers" wasting your time and all buyers are accompanied by an agent during the showing. 

Advertising – A good agent will not only hang a sign in your yard but will also publicize your home in various advertising methods. Most people don't look at newspapers anymore but there are still some that do so using old and new methods of advertising can be beneficial. Creating ads and paying for advertising may not be the best use of your time and money. Let one of our agents assist with the marketing of your home.  They have written and designed countless ads and know how to point out the great characteristics of your property  to grab the attention of those buyers on the hunt for their dream home. 

Ethics–  A Realtor adheres to a strict code of ethics. Not every real estate agent is a Realtor. Realtors are held to a higher standard and must follow the guidelines and rules set by the National Association of Realtors. Realtors are always looking out for the best interest of their clients. A Realtor has an obligation to be honest and truthful and will never try to steer you in a direction for personal benefit. They will provide you with facts verses personal opinion, options instead of limitations and will preserve confidential information provided by their clients in accordance to state law.  

Negotiations –  It helps to have someone to negotiate on your behalf. There may be multiple buyers interested in your home and things can get very competitive.  It helps to have someone on your side looking after you best interest to ensure that you are getting the most for your home. Negotiations are not only about price. There are inspection times, repairs, contingencies and closing cost that can be determined during negotiations and all of these things can make or break a deal.

Connections -  Having someone in your corner that is familiar with the neighborhood and area is always beneficial. Being connected to others in the community can help save time when you are shopping for contractors to do repairs or inspectors, surveyors, or even an attorney to close the deal.  This doesn't mean that your agent will choose everyone for you. We will provide you with options so that you have a choice and are not bullied into making a decision you may regret later. Having a Realtor that's connected can connected to those in your community can also help in the advertising of your property by word of mouth. 

So you see, having one of our agents list your home goes much further then the sign in your front lawn. It is building a relationship with someone that is looking after your interest, working for you and will always be honest and truthful about the sell of your property. 

I guess the question is "Why not use a Realtor"?

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Need help finding an agent. We can help with that as well. 

Finding the right agent, Realtor

Selecting An Agent

Finding an agent to fit your personality?

Selecting an agent can be a difficult decision. After all everyone has different traits they may find acceptable or agreeable in a person. Choose someone who fits your personality and that you find easy to work with and communicate with because communication is a big deal when you are trusting someone to help you find a home. Make sure this person upholds their promise to be honest and truthful and is genuinely concerned with the guidelines you have set for your purchase.

When choosing an agent you may need to ask yourself?

1. Does this person understand my needs?

2. Is this someone I can have confidence in?

3. How well does this person know the market?

4. Are they resourceful?

5. Do they know the area?

6. Do I need an agent with designations?

7. Are they willing to work for me?

A real estate professional is someone you should be able to trust and depend on to answer the questions you have about your purchase. They should know the market or have the resources to research the market in the area you are interested in. It should be someone you have confidence in and has the capability to communicate with you, other agents, mortgage brokers and attorneys during the transaction. 

At Cubic Realty we stay with you the entire process. From finding the right home, negotiating the contract, assisting you in finding a home inspector, mortgage broker, and attorney, to closing on your real estate purchase. Our service doesn’t stop at the closing table , we feel it is very important to continue a relationship with our clients by continuing communication by direct mail to make sure you are satisfied with our services. We want you to feel confident that once you have built a relationship with one of our agents you can always depend on them to help service your real estate needs with loyalty, honesty, and integrity.

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Your agent will help determine a fair market value for your home by providing you with a list of comparable properties that are actively on the market and recently sold.  

How to price your property to sell, getting the most out of your investment

Pricing Your Property

What's the right price?


Pricing your property to sell can be difficult. When you decide to sell you want to sell as quickly as possible. At the same time you want to get as much cash equity as you can from the sale. It’s difficult as an owner to price the home because you have an emotional attachment to your property. And no one can put a price on what the home is worth to you. When pricing you have to be able to set aside the emotions, the memories and look at the sell as a business opportunity. You bought your property at a base price and you added some items to make the home more comforting to your lifestyle. Along the way you have invested money in replacing and repairing items that needed to be done to maintain the home. Once you add in all these costs and include appreciation for each year you figure “that’s what I will ask for my price”.

The reality is pricing your property with this equation will probably inflate the value. Because of market changes over the years and how often it fluctuates it is almost impossible to price your property this way. And most of time it sits with a For Sale sign in the yard and folks call to find out the price and never call back. 

To prevent your home from having a lot of lookers and no serious buyers consider having an agent list the property. With their expertise in the area and with the market they will be able to check out the homes on the market and the ones in your area that have recently sold. This gives you a good estimate of what market value is for your property. You can also have an appraisal completed. 

It is best to take the emotion out of the pricing and use logical thinking. You will not be able to recover all the blood, sweat and tears you have put into the home. Those are what created your memories and those will stay with you forever. Emotion is not part of the pricing, appreciation is not always what you thought it should be, and the market is always changing so price accordingly to compete with others.

Logical thinking can help get your home sold. If you’re looking to sell fast asking a bit less may be a good idea. If you are in no hurry to move then it is okay to ask the higher price and wait on the right buyer. The downside is sometimes you wait to long and the right buyer has walked and bought a cheaper home in the same neighborhood. 

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Closing day is just around the corner. Making sure you are prepared with ensure a smooth closing with no delays. 

Closing Day

Ways to Prepare


There may be additional items that you will need to bring to closing. Most of the items may have already been collected form your agent when they listed your property but it is good to have a checklist to insure a smooth closing. 

  • Keys - Gather all keys for the home, garage, out buildings, built in cabinets or safes. You will need to turn these over to the new homeowner at the closing.

  • Warranties and Instruction - Collect all the manuals for your appliances, and equipment including HVAC, water heater, pools and any warrantees that you may have on the items.

  • Insurance - Make sure that your insurance is paid through the day of closing and covers your items if moving to a new home. This will be noted in the contents portion of your policy. 

  • Mortgage– Have existing mortgage information available.

  • Taxes - Provide a copy of the most recent tax bill.

  •  HOA - Provide information on the homes owners association and a copy of restrictions and covenants.

  •  Survey - If you have had a survey or there is one available provide a copy of this to the new homeowner. This is an item that they will probably already have received but it is good to have just in case.

  • Leases and Rental Agreements - If selling a rental property provide a copy of the existing agreements in place at the time of sell that are in effect. 

Property for sale, Selling your home

Property for sale, Selling your home